Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My first order

Yesterday the kidlets both had colds and needless to say it was rather full on. Whoever said that it was easy being a Stay At Home Mum clearly never had their own children. I'd have one child set up with a healthy snack or drink, breast-feeding the other and suddenly the cat would want to be let in. I'd have them both asleep, finally able to get started on my never ending list of chores and suddenly the delivery guy was pressing the doorbell. It honestly never ends. But at least I get to do it in my pajamas.

After my very busy day of runny noses I was able to settle in bed, watch a bit of TV and finish crocheting my first order. It was originally placed at the end of last week so it was before I 'officially' decided to go along on this adventure, but it definitely still counts!

The order was for 3 toddler sized hats with any colour/embellishment of my choice. Two were just copies of what I have done previously, a basic hat with bows added (if you'd like to have a look all designs can be found here). However, I didn't want all three to be the same so I made a basic turquoise hat and added a white rose. Definitely a new favourite!

Not quite true to colour, but you get the idea

I'm handing them over to there new owner tomorrow to be used as gifts this weekend. I've been promised a photo, so I'm rather excited!

While I still have a few minutes to myself I might quickly jump in the shower and figure out something for dinner. Certainly no better time for thinking than during a nice hot relaxing shower. If only I had time for the relaxing part, sigh.